Built on a foundation of Light and Love.
Heal your heart, your soul, and your self.
What is VIP Energetics?
              Valerie Pearson is a gifted energy worker and psychic intuitive. She is able to assist others to shift their consciousness and perception through energy healing, energy clearing and life coaching. She has studied many modalities over the past 20 years; energy medicine, balancing of the body, muscle testing, the Yuen Method and hypnosis therapy.
              "From an early age I was always able to tap into situations with my intuition. I could foresee events before they took place and the truths to situations would just come to me. I could telepathically tune into people and was able to uncover painful memories in others and assist them to shift into a better place. I realize now that these gifts need to be shared and that I can help so many people to move forward in their lives as I have in mine. I can now see that my life experiences are the very gifts that brought me into these modalities. I am so excited to share with others what I have discovered. Each day becomes more joyous as the universe unfolds and shows me the next right thing to do." Valerie looks forward to sharing her gifts with you.