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              Life is far from perfect for many of us. We may suffer from the effects of traumatic life experiences that can leave us in varying states of unhappiness without even knowing how or why we came to feel this way. Depression, Anxiety, Chronic pain and a host of other ailments are common among us. To make matters worse these problems may lead to a deep sense of hopelessness as modern institutionalized medicine and other techniques can not help. Fortunately there is a time honored approach that does work. Thousands of years of experience has shown that there are a small number of people among us with the rare ability to truly see and feel the past experiences of others. They are able to offer insight and provide healing energy that brings relief and new hope by releasing negative energy & through intuitive counselling. Valerie Pearson is a gifted Intuitive, Psychic and Medium. Valerie‚Äôs ability to overcome challenging life experiences has enabled her to benefit others in clearing issues and achieving success in their lives. Through intuitive counselling Valerie has had astounding results in clearing energy, home cleansing, spiritual enlightenment and empowering others to live in peace and harmony.

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-Valerie Pearson